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Nursery and Preschools

Sutton St James Pre-School

Bell Ave, Sutton, Macclesfield SK11 0EE, UK – 07889 745466

Absolutely fantastic playgroup, with lovely children & staff xx

Footprints Day Nursery (Macclesfield)

154 Cumberland St, Macclesfield SK10 1BP, UK – 01625 662200

Great Nursery. Staff are fantastic.

Having read the previous review, I felt it only fair to give a counter opinion. My daughter has been attending the babies room from an early age and the staff are exceptional. Her key worker, listens to our requests and does her best to include what we ask into her daily routine, i.e. supporting our baby led weening, to changing sleep routines. Footprints have been exceptionally flexible and have both increased and reduced Poppy's sessions when requested following changes to working patterns, and requirements, and have even gone the extra mile when we moved home. Having been sending our daughter to Footprints for over a year now I can honestly say I have never seen a child attending Footprints near the external gates (other than leaving with their parent) or indeed playing unsupervised in the playground, security is exceptional. Indeed a friend of ours picking up our child was stopped and questioned why they were leaving with our child, they had the required password and Footprints had been contacted to advise who they were being picked up by, that to me is quite reassuring. Living very close by I see staff walking past daily with the children and are always interacting with them, and whilst they may not have fancy carriages to transport the babies and children into town, it's nice to see them use the pavement, and engaging with the children rather than each other and their mobile phones. All the staff I have come across engage with our daughter and in deed when we bump into them in town on the weekend will always say hello. The staff seem to truly enjoy what they do. Of all the nurseries my wife and I visited Footprints, we felt, was best for our daughter. She is about to move up into the toddlers now, is happier than ever, and is developing at a rate we are happy with. We'll miss the nice comments Poppy has on her daily report from her current key worker, but are sure we'll get some more nice comments from her new one. I couldn’t recommend Footprints more, and any more children we may have will more than likely attend Footprints as well.

Broken Cross Primary Academy and Nursery

Parkett Heyes Rd, Macclesfield SK11 8UD, UK – 01625 383029

Had involvement with this school for over 30 year children/grandchildren so proud of their sats results x leavers assembly best one to date . Staff and children should be so proud x

Broken cross skool been here with my children for 18 years fab skool

Primary and Secondary Schools

Whirley Primary School

Whirley Rd, Macclesfield SK10 3JL, UK – 01625 383383

Amazing School

Super school

Ivy Bank Primary School

Valley Rd, Macclesfield SK11 8PB, UK – 01625 448014

Very nice school my children love there school lots of fun and nice teachers

It's my school it's the best school ever

The King's School

Cumberland Street, Macclesfield SK10 1DA, UK – 01625 260000


A day where there was not one bit where I was bored. An action packed day it was and so many things to take part in.

Public & Preparatory Schools

Beech Hall School

Macclesfield SK10 2EG, UK – 01625 422192

My 5 year old son was attending a very good local state school last year. It was clear he is quite advanced with is reading, maths and IT but less confident with group activities and extra curricular sports. He now attends Beech Hall School. With the small class sizes, he is no longer lost in the system and is given school work that matches and stretches his abilities, with individual teacher attention, support and guidance. His teachers work very closely with us and we meet with them regularly to discuss his development. Beech Hall offers many after school extra curricular group activities and now his confidence is blossoming and he is learning to swim, learning extra french, is a member of the baking club, and he can not wait to join judo and chess club. He mixes with all years of the school, mostly with the next years above him in group activities and seems to know everyone by name and everyone seems to know him. We have never seen him so happy and he loves being rewarded and achieving points for his own house by doing good academic work and for being kind, thoughtful and polite to his school colleagues and peers. The school provides a wonderful opportunity for him and it is fantastic.

Friendly, small classes, and no one slips through the net. Tolerant yet disciplined. Now under the new head Mrs Yandell whom the children respect. My son has been at the school for a number of years and is now in his final year, I can only praise the school for outstanding pastoral care, and the will of all to take responsibility. A warm school under good disciplined direction.

The King's School

Fence Ave, Macclesfield SK10 1LS, UK – 01625 260000

I love this school. It's my bae and everyone is nice and caring here.


The King's School In Macclesfield

Cumberland St, Macclesfield SK10 1DA, UK – 01625 260000